Qualities of a Good Math Tutor

You should get a Math tutor for your child who is struggling in his Math class. A good Math tutor can present the Math concepts that are being studied in class in a manner that will match your child’s learning style. A good Math tutor will help focus and strengthen the basic Math concept skills so that he can go ahead of the rest in his Math studies. With a good grasp of the basic Math concepts the child will soon build up on it easily. He will be able to understand why problems are solved in a certain way. And since Math is a building subject, then strength in the basic concepts will make it easier for him to apply it in higher levels of Math.

A lot of students today need homework help but they are not really interested in how the solutions are arrived at but all they care about is finishing it and submitting it the next day. This kind of attitude will not make a student truly learn math and is ineffective in the long run.

What a good tutor does is not to solve the Math assignment for the child, but teaches him the concepts behind the problems so that he can do the assignment on his own. When the child has truly learned the basic concept, the good Math tutor will challenge him by giving him difficult problems where he needs to apply the basic concepts that he has learned. It will not be difficult for a child who has grasped the basic concept to solve even difficult problems using it. With this basic knowledge Math questions asked by the teacher, on the assignment or on the test will no longer be difficult to answer. A child may be uneasy when he sees difficult questions at first, but he will soon be able to find his way around it since this technique has been proven highly effective for many students. This prepares then to handle more advanced topics in their Math class. What a good Math tutor does is to keep the child advanced so that when he learns it in class, it would be easier for him.

A student will fell more relaxed, confident and eager to stay alert in class when he is able to understand the material before it is taken up in class. With challenging Math homework given by the Math tutor, the child will continue to be enthusiastic about the subject and even if test are given in class, he is eager to take it. You will never have good test result if you cram before the test. A student who has a good Math tutor does not need to cram but he simply needs to review the things tat were taught to him in advance.

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