Rolls Caesar

250 g dried rice 120 g chicken breast 100 g of cream cheese a few leaves of lettuce a few nori sheets 50 gr Parmesan breadcrumbs – optional 2 tbsp rice vinegar (you can substitute with a mixture of vinegar 9%, salt and sugar) salt to taste green caviar for decoration – not necessarily.
In a pot, boil and salt the water, to be dropped chicken breast, pre-rinse under running water. Rice folded into a saucepan and cover with room temperature water (about 0.5 l), cover and leave for half an hour. After 30 minutes after boiling water, remove the meat to a plate and leave it to cool. Drain the water from the rice, dried bumanis towel and pour in a pot of boiling, salted water (about 0.5 l). Cook the rice for the rolls at low boil until fully boiling water. If you substitute regular rice vinegar 9% vinegar, you need to mix it (about 1.5 tablespoons) with 1 tsp sugar and half a tsp of salt. Add rice vinegar to the cooked rice (pre-dry it with paper towels from excess moisture), mix thoroughly and cover with lid. Lettuce wash, dry and cut into long thin strips. Chicken fillet cut into long strips. Breadcrumbs are lightly fried in a dry pan until it will turn brown. Parmesan to grate. Bamboo Mat cover with cling film, put the top half of the nori sheet. Tightly lay a nori sheet layer of rice about 1 cm thick (slight edge of nori to leave for bonding). Carefully and quickly flip the sheet of seaweed rice down (in plastic wrap). In the center of the nori sheet along the entire length to lay out the chicken pieces and salad, lubricate them with cream cheese. Tightly roll roll, slit edges and roll the roll in breadcrumbs or flying fish ROE. With a sharp knife, pre-soaked in water, cut roll pieces and lay out on a plate. Bon appetit!