The tempura rolls

Rolls ready5 pieces;
Tempurnye batter1-1. 5 cups;
Breading3-5 tbsp. spoons;
Vegetable oilfor deep fry.

For the filing:
soy sauce,
pickled ginger,
Bonito/tuna flakes, etc.

The cooking process

Many types of rolls can be prepared in tempurnye batter. Such a batter is prepared from purchased tempurnye flour as recommended on the package. Also tempurnye flour you can prepare yourself and prepare one of the available variations of tempura. For special breading cereals and bread may be bread crumbs or just wheat flour or another.

The tempura rolls are fried in hot oil almost a matter of seconds, test for thin enough batter and fry the stuffing is completely unnecessary. Filling (fish or seafood, vegetables and cheese) should remain unchanged.

I love the rolls with salmon and cottage cheese. But good taste and a budget option, and wherein the stuffing salted homemade coho or sockeye salmon, and melted cream cheese …Tempurnye batter should be cold.It is even recommended to add ice cubes, but I did not add …Rolls can be cooked whole, or for the convenience of dipping in batter, breading and frying can cut them in two pieces.Was I fried them in a skillet with a small diameter, so no options – cut into two halves. Dip the rolls in the batter. Then coat in special breading.
If this is not Japanese breading in the form of flakes, rolled in something suitable to your taste or in flour. Place the prepared rolls in hot oil, fry on all sides.When rolls are ready, lay out on paper towels, though… it is believed that properly cooked hot tempurnye rolls of excess oil no. Cut the rolls into slices and serve immediately, i.e. hot.Some tempurnye rolls I sprinkled with Bonito flakes. The tempura rolls are ready. Bon appetit!